About Us

Pet Friendly ResourceWe have a wonderful dog named Gracie. She is half Australian Shepherd and half Labrador, but her Aussie traits definitely prevail. Gracie has turned our lives upside down, sideways, and right side up again.

Everyday Gracie continues to bring so much joy into our lives. We have no doubt in our minds that she would lay her life on the line for us. She challenges us everyday and keeps us guessing.

Because Gracie has touched our lives in so many ways, we have created this pet friendly website offering resources and information for dog training tips, dog nutrition tips, dog adoption, dog boarding, pet grooming, pet friendly activities, lost dog alerts and much more.

We wanted to create an online community to be able to share our wonderful (and sometimes challenging) dog stories and have other dog owners share their stories with us.

Gracie has truly been an inspiration to us and we don’t know what we would do without her. Please join our pet community!

Tammi & Rob