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Pet Adoption | Adopt a Pet | Gracie's BarkAdoptable Dogs in Your Local Shelter

Thinking about adopting a four-legged friend? The best place to find a dog or puppy is your local animal shelter or breed rescue group. They have plenty of purebreds, mixed-breeds, big dogs and little dogs. You’re sure to find a great companion.


C.A.R.E. Southcoast is a non-profit all volunteer organization dedicated to improving the lives of abused, abandoned, neglected & stray animals in the South Coast of Massachusetts and elsewhere as space allows.

They provide many services both to animals and animal owners in the community such as:


  • Low cost Spay & Neuter as well as vaccination assistance
  • Educational programs for children and the community
  • A free roaming No-Kill shelter for homeless and needy animals
  • Resources for the community to adopt and care for animals


Tel: 508-994-0220