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13 Tips for Safe Car Travel with Your Pet  0

Pet SafetyAt Berry Insurance, our human clients aren’t the only ones we’re concerned for! And with January 2nd being National Pet Safety Day, we are thrilled to help Gracie’s Bark share a few tips for safely traveling with your pet in the car.







  1. To minimize any potential stress on your pet, start with short trips and work your way up to longer trips.
  2. Feed your pet 3-4 hours before you’ll be leaving.
  3. Your pet should always ride in the backseat for both their safety and yours.
  4. Be sure your pet has tags/identification, and up-to-date vaccines just in case the animal were to get loose during the car ride.
  5. If you plan to harness or crate your animal in the car, practice with your animal in the days leading up to travel day.
  6. If you’re traveling out of state, have your pet’s health records with you.
  7. If your pet is traveling in a crate, put your name, destination address, and cell phone number on the crate in the event of an emergency.
  8. Don’t forget small first aid items like nail clippers or a wrap/bandage.
  9. Stick with water. Unless this is a LONG trip, try and limit your pet to water and do not give food.
  10. Having an extra leash in your car, waste bags and your pet’s favorite toy for comfort is a great idea.
  11. Do not allow your dog to hang their head out of your car window. This can be very dangerous. Instead, bring along their favorite chew toy.
  12. Stop often to allow your pet to go to the bathroom, stretch their legs and burn off some energy.
  13. Always park in the shade and do not leave your animal unattended in the car.

One more tip – don’t forget pet insurance! Inquire with your Massachusetts auto insurance agent as to whether your policy will provide pet insurance. Some insurance companies will extend a limited amount of coverage to injuries sustained in your car, and we know you’ll want to protect man’s best friend as much as we would!

For more great travel tips, check out Animal Planet. We wish you and your furry friend safe travels!

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