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A Year Passes in a Blur, but a Picture of your Dog Lasts Forever  0

2013 has been a wonderful year and I must say it has gone by quickly. It provided me with many different opportunities and I am grateful. Recently I’ve been searching through our photos of Gracie and trying to get organized. I found myself frustrated with how many dog photos we’ve taken. It’s overwhelming to go through each and every one. Two hours into a photo organizing session the other day, I realized just how much I was enjoying the memories. Moments in life happen so quickly and go by in a flash, it was nice to reflect back on our daily walks, swims and pet friendly adventures throughout 2013. I came across a photo that was taken of Gracie and myself in New Bedford Massachusetts at Fort Taber. I had no idea Rob took this photo. It was a wonderful surprise to see it and reflect back on how much fun she was having that day in just a tiny bit of snow.

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I choose this picture as my favorite pet photo of 2013. During this process, I also realized how lucky I am to have someone in my life that enjoys taking tons of pictures, especially of our dog!

Gracie has taught us about seizing the moment and following our hearts. She has taught us to appreciate the simple things like a walk in the woods, a fresh snowfall, a nap in a ray of winter sunlight. And, thanks to Rob, we have the photos to remind us every day how much joy and laughter she has added to our lives.

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We wish you all a Happy New Year!